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Tentang Angkuts

Angkuts. Established in Pontianak. A startup works to connect people and waste related actors. Waste actor such as garbage collector, trash processing place, communities, and so on.

May 2016 - Mid 2017.

The business model that we do is to buy 6 types of inorganic waste (Paper, Cardboard, Cans, Bottles, Plastic Cups, Newspapers). Customers can sell those waste and then will be connected to waste collectors as the buyers by using android based software as the platform.

Mid 2017 - Mid 2018.

We found a new business model, which serves garbage collection (all types of waste) to early-stage waste producers such as housing, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, etc. Waste collection is carried out by people who do work with garbage every day. The platform used is the Android v1.0 application.

In this stage, we collaborate with compost waste processors so that the organic waste that we get from the first source will be distributed to compost houses (compost processors) to be processed into compost products.

Mid 2018 - End 2019

We prepare the v2.0 application platform where many benefits are obtained by users such as knowing the garbage collection schedule, giving feedback and assessment to drivers and Angkuts, as well as confirmation of daily garbage collection. Procurement and distribution of simple trash cans are also carried out at this stage to most customers.